Social media ads that are simple, yet hints to street art on walls.
Campaign Launch
Landing pages for the Time Teller Collection and brand ambassadors Krewella.
Nixon Art Now 
A fun way to view street art and get watch suggestions to shop for. Murals are searchable by location or artist. Once a mural is selected the app recommends a Nixon Time Teller watch based on the colors of the mural. 
Lifestyle Photography
To be used on Instagram ads, Facebook canvas, curated Nixon pages on Fancy, and more. 
Time Teller Access Pass
In this concept we partner with Tyler the Creator to design a custom Time Teller that gets the wearer exclusive entry and access to his music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw. The limited edition watch would be designed by Tyler the Creator and come in collectable packaging with a mix tape and stickers.
Nixon Now
Branded content videos featuring Krewella to start and possibly showcasing creative spirits from LA such as Flying Lotus and Tokimonsta for future episodes. Creative Director Julie Gordon and Director Kevin Berlandi created this Krewella feature about what inspires Jahan and Yasmine's creativity in the world of EDM. 
Client: Nixon
Role: Art Director and Designer
Agency: GreenLight Media
Creative Director: Julie Gordon
Copywriter: Clarence Ford
Photographer: Travis McCoy​​​​​​​
Director: Kevin Berlandi​​​​​​​
Stylist: Esther Han 
Models and Brand Ambassadors: 
Krewella, Ima Steinsvik, Saviour Adu, Phi, Sean Fawaz, and Pierson Williams.
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